The Team

Nisal Periyapperuma

The Coder

Startup founder, full stack engineer, background in economics. Bounced around Sydney and Colombo, working on building smooth user experiences (like Watchdog). Speaks English and Javascript. r/aww. Vietnamese food, spiced rum.

Safra Anver

The Connector

Headed the team that grew TEDx Colombo into what it is today. Multidisciplinary, management, years of experience helping run companies and philanthropist efforts. Seems to know everyone in Colombo. Insomniac.

Ragulan Ketheeswaran

The Communicator

The marketing muscle behind modern-day Coco Veranda. Former government employee at the Ministry of Agriculture. Proficient in handling red tape and people in situations where things go south. Drives other people’s cars into other people’s trucks.

Yudhanjaya Wijeratne

The Researcher

Data scientist, author, studies future threats, misinformation and social networks. Became a volunteer fact-checker during the Easter Bombing. Works for a nonprofit think tank that deals in public policy across Asia. Prefers cats to humans.

Bhanuka Harischandra

The Marketier

Possibly the youngest startup mogul in Sri Lanka. An expert on starting, running and scaling efficient operations. Evolved from a YouTube gamer into what he is today. Basically Pikachu, but with better money management.


Of course, the founders of any entity aren’t the full cast. The real heroes of this story are the revolving cast of volunteers that donate their spare time to sorting through the flood of items-to-check.

But these are the people who, contractually, cannot walk away. We’re putting our names up because of various rumors about who owns Watchdog, whether we’re some kind of terrorist counter news network, or so on.

Watchdog, from the start, has been a multidisciplinary, multi-ethnic and multi-religious team of people who care about the country we live in. We intend to keep it that way.